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Indeces: Lycos, CUI W3 Catalog, Web Crawler and the EINet Galaxy(search the galaxy).

SIPB Web server: SIPB services home pages other servers activities documents fun stuff

FAQs are useful.Web Technical Specs and such. Mmm, Stock Answer s, NCSA Httpd and Boston Resturaunts with menus, including Cinderella's and Wing It)

Fishwrap, Dilbert (the whole week), and the latest of Dr. Fun. Movies In Boston.

Random, vaguely related to personal interests

Oooh, Commodore 64 stuff. Do you have HCE? Maybe your head will explode. Could happen.

Matthew and Jake's Adventures. Yeah, yeah, I'll write some more soon.

Hacking. Monty, a friend who's now in Japan is working on Twirl Fish and other stuff. His server is DeskFish.


These are random CGI scripts, perl scripts and other stuff I've done.
HTML-mode for emacs
I hate emacs html-mode, so I sort of fixed it.
Hey Kids! Want to be able to automatically follow links and stuff you see in netnews postings and stuff?? Well you can with a simple hack to your news config files. This is a perl script you set up to automatically run from your news reader. It's neat.
We can't help you with your question, but perhaps you'd like to try our madlibs.
Send instant messages, if the person is logged in. All in perl. The whole thing :-)
The Glossary
Add definitions and look stuff up in the new community glossary.
Lost? Do find yourself without the direction on the web? Floundering in a sea of hypertext? In a maze of twisty URLs all the same? Search no more! Just go off randomly to a document selected especially for you from a list of more than 12000.
Actually this has been around a while. But I felt like announcing it again.
Biographical Database
A gateway to Eric Tentarrelli's Biographical database. Keen stuff.
Recently modified stuff (me only)

Older, but still useful

c00l Stuff on the Web. Impress your friends and relatives.