Hi! I'm Jeffrey Mei, a PhD candidate at the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Applied Ocean Science & Engineering.

My research area is sea ice deformation. I use statistical and computational modelling to analyse sea ice deformation processes (ridging) in the Antarctic.


My current research with my research supervisor, Dr. Ted Maksym (WHOI) lies in quantifying pressure ridging and its effect on sea ice thickness, primarily in the Ross Sea. This is a two-pronged approach involving modelling ridge formation using discrete element models and analyzing ridge morphology from lidar/sonar scans. I have recently participated in the PIPERS expedition to the Ross Sea to collect snow depth and ice thickness data for ridges. In the past, I have worked on localizing glacial calving by using local seismic arrays. To this end, I have accompanied Prof. David Holland (NYU) to Sermilik Fjord, Greenland to collect oceanographic and seismic data near Helheim Glacier.

I am also interested in statistical models and machine learning and have been using convolutional neural networks and computer vision techniques to identify pressure ridges in elevation data from IceBridge.

Automated floe detector using computer vision techniques, as applied to sea ice elevation data from NSIDC. Built using OpenCV and Python.

Localizing a calving event at Helheim Glacier using grid-search and geometry of hyperbolas to show that calving begins at the center of the glacier and propagates northward.

A "layer cake" of snow depth, sea ice freeboard and sea ice draft (top to bottom) to develop a geospatial model of snow distribution along Antarctic pressure ridges.

Developing discrete-element models for pressure ridge formation using LIGGGHTS

Collecting snow depth measurements during the PIPERS cruise in 2017



Mei, M. Jeffrey, David M. Holland, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Tiantian Zheng. "Calving localization at Helheim Glacier using multiple local seismic stations." The Cryosphere, 11, 609-618, doi:10.5194/tc-11-609-2017, 2017.

Holland, D.M., D. Voytenko, K. Christianson, T.H. Dixon, M.J. Mei, B.R. Parizek, I. Vankova, R.T. Walker, J.I. Walter, K. Nicholls, and D. Holland. "An intensive observation of calving at Helheim Glacier, East Greenland." Oceanography 29(4):46–61. 2016. [link]

Zaw, Ingyin, M. Jeffrey Mei, Lincoln. J. Greenhill. "H2O Maser Luminosity: a Proxy for AGN Activity and SMBH Mass." The Astrophysical Journal, in review, 2016.

Selected Conference Publications

Mei, M. Jeffrey, Ted Maksym, Arnold Song, Matthew Parno, Guy Williams, Hanumant Singh, Jeffrey Anderson, Alek Razdan. "PIPERS: Sea Ice Thickness Redistribution From Early Winter Deformation." 2018 SCAR/IASC Conference. 2018. [link]
Mei, M. Jeffrey, Tiantian Zheng, David M. Holland. "A Novel Seismic Method for Glacial Calving Localization." American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2015. 2015. [link]
Mei, M.Y. Jeffrey, I. Zaw, and L. J. Greenhill. "Correlations of Circumnuclear Water Maser Luminosity with AGN Activity and SMBH Mass." American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #223. Vol. 223. 2014. [link]

Other Projects

HiggsHunters, a Zooniverse citizen science project developed by the University of Oxford and New York University to analyze particle physics data from the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Coverage of the launch in November 2014 in WIRED and CERN.

About Me

Deploying moorings in Sermilik Fjord, Greenland in August 2014.

Taking sea ice thickness measurements in the Ross Sea during PIPERS 2017.

I was born in Taiwan and moved to New Zealand at age 3. I went to Westlake Boys High School in Auckland, New Zealand, where I completed Cambridge International Examinations A levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and German Literature and also sat New Zealand Qualifications Authority Scholarship exams, receiving Scholarships in English, Art History, Chemistry and Mathematics with Calculus, and an Outstanding Scholarship in Statistics and Modelling.

For my undergraduate education, I was offered a full scholarship to New York University Abu Dhabi, a small liberal arts college in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science cum laude with a double major in Mathematics and Physics. I also spent two semesters studying abroad, one at each of NYU Berlin/Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and NYU Washington Square. I have done summer research with Dr. Ingyin Zaw at the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics at NYU, Dr. David Hogg at the Max-Planck Institut für Astronomie in Heidelberg, Dr. Andy Haas at the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics at NYU and Dr. David Holland at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU.

I am now at the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Applied Ocean Science & Engineering working under Dr. Ted Maksym (WHOI) as a PhD student. My research interests are in applying data science techniques to ocean science, developing discrete element models of pressure ridging in sea ice, and investigating the distribution of snow along pressure ridges.

In my spare time, I serve as the Treasurer for the MIT Badminton Club and as President of the Kiwis@MIT student group.



The best way to get hold of me is via email, (mjmei at mit dot edu).

Office: (+1) 617-253-2798

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(Summer only):
Jeffrey Mei, MS #55
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