Some random links to science fiction stuff

This page is not meant to be a general archive---we list a couple of those first thing, and they're really good places for general searches. Other than those, we keep links to some categories that we feel like singling out, mostly ones more directly related to MITSFS.

Unlike most web sites, we have no urge to be linked to, so we're probably not interested in link-trading offers. If your site is particularly relevant to MITSFS, not just random SF, we may link to it, but really we prefer to leave the generic stuff to these generic sites we're about to list:

Useful General SF Websites

Other Science Fiction Libraries, Collections, and Museums

A Few SF Groups

Generally other college groups plus a couple others that we have particular relationships with. See some of the archives above for much fuller lists.
(Non-SF but maybe-related-to-MITSFS groups are listed here.)

MITSFS People Who've Turned Pro

MITSFS-Related Publishers and Stores

(See some of the general archives at top for general lists of publishers.)


Other Stuff

Addresses of other SF-type documents will be gladly received by As noted up top, we don't even attempt to link to everything of SF interest; that's what those archive links are for. But we'll link to particularly MITSFS-relevant things.

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