MIT Badminton

Welcome to the MIT Badminton club. Our mission is to help all players, of all skill levels, seeking to improve their play.

The MIT Badminton club is only open to MIT affiliates (students, faculty, staff, alum or spouse of any of the above, although current students are given waitlist priority if the club is too full). These rules are set by the Club Sports Council at MIT and cannot be waived. For members of the general public who would like to play badminton at MIT, you may check the MIT open recreational schedule. These hours are updated weekly, and are not linked to the MIT Badminton Club in any way. Due to COVID-19, as of September 2021 we will be requiring masks while playing (and at all other times). Tryouts for Fall 2021 have concluded; if you wish to join the waitlist can just email us (mitcbac-officers[at]mit[dot]edu) indicating your playing level/experience. For non-students, you may also need to get a MIT DAPER membership as day-passes are not available anymore (for the foreseeable future, as of Sept 2021. You can always find the latest information from DAPER here).

The MIT Badminton club is for players who are seeking to improve. Our mission is to help players of all skill levels improve their play, and we spend around 50% of our court times doing training drills with our coach. Recreational players should refer to the MIT open recreational schedule.

For more information about joining, please click here. Our club typically reaches capacity for beginner/intermediate players quickly; those wishing to join the waitlist should email us (please tell us your playing history/experience). We typically hold practices on Tues/Thurs evenings.

To contact us, you can email us at mitcbac-officers[at]mit[dot]edu. Please note that we cannot assist with open recreational badminton hours and these queries should be directly addressed to the MIT Z-Center staff.