About Me

I am currently a postdoc in MIT's Chemical Engineering Department working with Professor Martin Bazant on computational modeling of electrokinetic and multiphase flows in porous media with applications to shale oil and gas recovery. Prior to joining bazant group in Sept. 2015, I was a Ph.D. student at the CASL and Squires groups at UCSB where I jointly worked with Professor Frederic Gibou and Todd Squires.

I got my B.S. from University of Tehran in 2008 and my Ph.D. from University of California Santa Barbara in 2014, both in Mechanical Engineering. My Ph.D. thesis involved computational studying of the charging kinetics in porous electrodes which lead to characterization of the importance of surface conduction phenomena and the micro-structure in the charging of porous electrodes and also won me the best Ph.D. thesis from the Mechanical Engineering Department at UCSB.

During my Ph.D. I also heavily invested in developing adaptive multi-scale algorithms for the computation of a wide variety of physical problems. The pinnacle of my work is the development of the parCASL (Parallel Computational Applied Science Library) which was originally developed at UCSB in collaboration with Professor Carsten Burstedde of University of Bonn.

In my free time (if I get any!), I like to read books (SciFi, Fantasy, and Biography), trying to keep up-to-date with new exciting and promising programming languages, go hiking, and trying new Beers (stouts in particular).