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Michael A. Forbes

About: I am currently a postdoc. For Spring 2015, I am a member of the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). In particular, I am a member of the Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics group, led by Avi Wigderson. I study the theory of computation (complexity theory), and more particularly the interaction of randomness, algebra, and computation.

I recently received my PhD from MIT where I was co-advised by Prof. Scott Aaronson and Prof. Amir Shpilka. My PhD thesis developed deterministic algorithms to solve cases of the polynomial identity testing problem.

Contact Info: I am most easily reached via email: first two letters of first name, last name, at csail.mit.edu.

Papers (see also CV): arXiv (), ECCC, DBLP (), MathSciNet

CV (2015-01-25): PDF

Other: I created some RSS feeds for some popular theoretical computer science conferences to help myself keep up with new papers. You are welcome to subscribe to them as well, they are located here.

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