ProfessorMuriel Médard appointmented as the Cecil H. Green Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Meet the New Editor-in-Chief of IEEE JSAC

How Apple Could Boost Speeds 20 Times on the Next iPhone.(Technologyreview.com)

Avoiding Interruptions - a QoE Reliability Function for Streaming Media Applications (IEEE Comsoc Technology News)

2013 Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series(University of Auckland )invited talk

Mobile Summit 2013 - Muriel Medard - MIT- Emerging Technology Spotlight.(Technologyreview.com)

Network deconvolution

Encryption is less secure than we thought. (MIT News)

Researchers develop new method for understanding network connections(MIT News)

Muriel Médard Coding for heterogeneous networks (video)

G. Angelopoulos, Paidimarri, A., Chandrakasan, A. P., and Médard, M., "Experimental Study of the Interplay of Channel and Network Coding in Low Power Sensor Applications", ICC WCS 2013,has been selected to receive one of three Best Paper Awards for the Wireless Communications Symposium.

Call for PhD student, Aalborg University

Professor Medard awared EECS Graduate Student Association Mentor Award.

Forum Science, Recherche & Société

What are the challenges of the future of science? ARTE Future conducted the survey during the "Forum Science-Research-Society" in Paris.

Ulric J. Ferner has been awarded a 2013-14 Martin Fellowship for Sustainability.

Forum Science Recherche & Société

A Smarter Algorithm Could Cut Energy Use in Data Centers by 35 Percent.(technology review)

MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit

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