Courses taught

Instructor (MIT)

  1. 15.053—Intro to Optimization (undergraduate)—Spring 2020.
  2. 15.097/15.S75—Ethics and fairness in data-driven decision making (PhD reading seminar)—Fall 2019.
  3. 15.071—Analytics Edge (MBAn and ORC MS/PhD)—Spring 2019.
  4. 15.095—Machine Learning and Optimization (MBAn and PhD)—Fall 2018. Co-taught with Dimitris Bertsimas.

Teaching assistant (MIT)

  1. 15.060—Data, Models, and Decisions (MBA core)—Fall 2016
  2. 15.094—Robust Modeling, Optimization and Computation (PhD elective)—Spring 2015
  3. 15.733—Risk management (Executive MBA elective)—IAP 2015
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