Research Interests

  • Optimization theory and practice, with a focus on nonconvex problems and optimization under uncertainty, and with applications in statistics and healthcare
  • Healthcare operations management, especially the clinical impact of improved healthcare delivery systems on patient outcomes


Health care operations

  1. Development and validation of a machine learning model to aid discharge processes in surgical inpatients (with K. Safavi, T. Khaniyev, M. Seelen, C. Zenteno Langle, J. Zanger, B. Daily, R. Levi, and P. Dunn), JAMA Network Open 2(12) (2019). (Article)
  2. Health system innovation: analytics in action (with M. Hu, R. Levi, K. Safavi, and C. Zenteno Langle), Tutorials in Operations Research (2019), 238-266. (Final article) (Reference)
  3. Improving operating room efficiency via emergency conversion carts (with T. Friend, C. Zenteno, W. Levine et al.), Perioperative Care and Operating Room Management (2017). (Article)
  4. Implementation of the Vocera Communication System in a quaternary perioperative environment (with T. Friend, S. Jennings, and W. Levine), Journal of Medical Systems 41:6 (2017). (Article)

Unpublished papers

  1. Data-driven optimization of operating rooms blocks (with D. Bertsimas, R. Graue, C. McCord, and M. Tandon).
  2. The Trimmed Lasso: Sparsity and Robustness (with D. Bertsimas and R. Mazumder). (Preprint) (github code)

Optimization and statistics

  1. Certifiably optimal low rank factor analysis (with D. Bertsimas and R. Mazumder), Journal of Machine Learning Research 18(29) (2017), 1-53. (Final article) (github code)
  2. Characterization of the equivalence of robustification and regularization in linear and matrix regression (with D. Bertsimas), European Journal of Operational Research (2017). (Preprint) (Final article) Co-Winner of ORC best student paper award 2015


  1. On structural decompositions of finite frames (with A.Z.-Y. Chan, S.K. Narayan, L. Stokols, and A. Theobold), Advances in Computational Mathematics 42(3) (2016), 721-756. (Preprint) (Final article)
  2. Factor posets of frames and dual frames in finite dimensions (with K. Berry, E. Evert, Y.H. Kim, T. Klingler, S.K. Narayan, and S.T. Nghiem), Involve 9:2 (2016), 237-248. (Preprint) (Final article)
  3. Diagram vectors and tight frame scaling in finite dimensions (with Y.H. Kim, C. Logan, K. Mayfield, S.K. Narayan, M.J. Petro, and J. Sheperd), Operators and Matrices 8(1) (2014), 78-88. (Preprint) (Final article)
  4. Maximum robustness and surgery of frames in finite dimensions (with Y.H. Kim, C. Logan, K. Mayfield, S.K. Narayan, and J. Sheperd), Linear Algebra and its Applications 439(5) (2013) 1330-9. (Preprint) (Final article)


  1. Sparsity and robustness in modern statistical estimation, Ph.D. thesis, MIT. (Online copy)

Intellectual property law

  1. Orphan works and the global interplay of democracy, copyright, and access, Legal Issues in Global Contexts: Perspectives on Technical Communication in an International Age, edited by St.Amant and Rife (2014). (Chapter) (Final book)