audrey roy

It turns me red

Little ones



brian eno

Hair cuts in stylistic space.


claudine moreau

i drove thru the weirdest weather

The cats always ran away


Eija-Riitta Eklöf-Berliner-Mauer

I Dream About You


erick neiss

Disinterested Legacies

Haiku Attempt No. 9100

let us pierce across

Uncovering the Second Treasure


kelly clancy

magic, mystery and the power of digemon


kurt schwitters

An Anna Blume


mike walters

Ode to William S. Burroughs


tristan tzara

How to make a Dadaist Poem  (broken, I've got to stop doing this page when I'm incoherent, I save over the wrong things)


william s. burroughs

from Naked Lunch