N42 Base Building Elements Blueprints Scheme C

Draft 12/17/96

These Blueprints represent the draft design for the N42 building as of 12/17/96. The exact layout of offices and partitions has not been determined as of this date, due to uncertainty concerning who will be moving into the building. These drawings provide an "in-progress" look at the layouts for the Base Building Elements, which are such items as rest rooms, electrical and telephone/data closets, duct shafts, elevators, loading dock and the freight elevator.

The architects will proceed with construction documents dealing with renovation and construction of restrooms, new passenger elevator, new central stairway, the building entrance, and loading dock based on these blueprints and comments in the meeting.

One point of interest is the central stairwell/atrium. The concept of this includes a skylight in the roof with wireglass "walls" so that this will be a very "open" area.

Some changes suggested in the meeting include locating the telephone/data and electrical closets nearer the Freight Elevator and providing two showers.

The design of the Tenant Fit-Up (the partitions, offices, etc.) will resume as soon as IS determines what staff and facilities will be occupying the building. At that time, the layout of offices, partitions, meeting rooms, lunch table, couch areas, and other items of Tenant Fit-Up will be reconsidered.

  1. Gray (hatched) walls are existing masonry bearing walls which will remain.
  2. Black (solid) walls are new drywall partitions. Around toilets and service areas, these will extend to the ceiling above. Around offices, the height of these walls is not yet determined.
  3. For the other work areas, the height of the partitions has not yet been determined.

Note: Walls around offices are not part of the base building elements.

Plans provided by Perry and Radford Architects, 33 Richdale Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02140.

Base Building Element Plans
The exact layout of offices and partitions has not been determined as of this date.

  1. N42 Floor 1 Blueprint (75K)
  2. N42 Floor 2 Blueprint (71K)
  3. N42 Basement Blueprint (72K)
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