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I am a computer science PhD Student in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Brigham and Women's Hospital's Divison of Genetics and Center for Data Sciences where I am lucky enough to be co-advised by Bonnie Berger (MIT) and Po-Ru Loh (Harvard). With the rise of high-throughput DNA sequencing and electronic health care records, the medical field is producing more data than nearly any other human endeavour. Buried in the billions of bytes of data produced every day are deep insights into the origins of and improved treatments for complex diseases. The challenge is to efficiently leverage meaning from the tidal wave of data. I design new stastistical and machine learning algorithms to meet this challenge. My ultimate goal is to enable medicine to provide personalized care tailored to every person's individual qualities and needs.

I also think a good deal about better ways to help people understand probability, statistics, and machine learning. I am particularly interested in ways to help laypeople gain an intuitive understanding of the abstract concepts which underly the probabilistic models they interact with everyday; to this end, I maintain a small (but growing) github repository of demonstrations I hope others might find useful.


PhD Computer Science MIT

Cambridge, MA 2018-Present

MA Mathematics University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK 2014-2015

Awarded with Distinction (Highest Honors)

BS Applied Mathematics & Biology Brown University

Providence, RI 2010-2014

Magna cum Laude with Honors

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Sports: Alpine skiing, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, hiking.

Other: Cooking for larger dinner parties.

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