Mike Patton's pages

Welcome to my pages on the World Wide Web! These pages were made for me to keep track of pointers I'd come across to any of my wide range of interests. I don't really actively search out new info to update the pages, so they probably aren't good as any kind of authoritative source of information, it's just what I've happened across.

Eclectic interest collection

If you're just surfing by, you may want to check out the outline of my interest pages. That's where to find the data about things I collect pointers about.

About me

If you are looking for information about me, then you want my autobiography page (which is pretty incomplete). You can also get some idea who I am by perusing my interest pages to see what I'm interested in.

You can also check out my home page, but I'm not really maintaining it any more, I usually go straight to the page I want from a window manager menu...