Table: Deities
Deity Alignment Domains Favored
Alph CN Artifice, Chaos, Craft, Creation, Strength Repeating Crossbow
Cosma CG Air, Chaos, Good, Meditation, Sky, Weather
Friendly NG Animal, Darkness, Dream, Good, Meditation, Moon
Grendaline LG Good, Law, Ocean, Water
Humbaba CG Animal, Chaos, Good, Life, Racial Domains
Lem N Knowledge, Meditation, Mind, Travel Sling
Mab LN Animal, Greed, Law, Plant Scythe
Pot CN Chaos, Feast, Gluttony, Wealth Trident
The Rook CE Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Spite Flail
Spriggan LN Law, Life, Plant Quarterstaff
Tii LN Balance, Knowledge, Law Shuriken
Zille NG Cavern, Earth, Good Warhammer

The Giants of Ur-That-Was

Ur was a world dreamt into existence by a group of eleven sleeping extraplanar beings. It was a vibrant world, consisting of several prominent regions each with their own varying landscapes and biomes, though many of its customs would be considered absolutely preposterous by normal standards. For example, all animals hatched from eggs, which themselves grew on enormous trees.

So intense was this shared dream that Ur's primary inhabitants, called Glitchen, developed their own creativity and adventurous spirit. When they became aware of their creators' existence, they dubbed the extraplanar beings "Giants" (as an individual Glitch was very small), and shrines were built to each one. They began to explore areas of which the Giants hadn't yet conceived, and added their own touches to the growing land.

When the Giants eventually awoke, Ur gradually faded from existence as dreams are wont to do, but not before the inhabitants had, through sheer adoration of their creators, crafted for each Giant a tiny speck of divinity.

Emblem of Alph - A starry cloud over an open hand

Alph (CN) - The Giant of Creation

Alph is the Giant responsible for creating "things." And also "stuff." Approaching everything with the question What If?, Alph is never happier than when the answer results in a complex wadjamacallit or a satisfyingly big boom.
His followers are known as "Alphas."
Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Craft, Creation, Strength

Emblem of Cosma - A sun peeking out from behind rainclouds

Cosma (CG) - The Giant of the Sky

Cosma is in charge of imagining up all things airborne. She is also the Giant of levity and, sad to say, flightiness. She is, however, the only Giant capable of herding butterflies.
Her followers are known as "Cosmapolitans."
Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Meditation, Sky, Weather

Emblem of Friendly - A crescent with two stars

Friendly (NG) - The Giant of the Night

Friendly is the Giant who oversees all things celestial, nocturnal, lunar, stygian and murky. Despite this, he is (as his name implies) considered by many to be the nicest of the Giants and the one most likely to loan you twenty currants till payday.
His followers are known as "Friends."
Domains: Animal, Darkness, Dream, Good, Meditation, Moon

Emblem of Grendaline - A wave

Grendaline (LG) - The Giant of Water

Quietly loyal and fierce, Grendaline is the Giant who governs all things watery, from clouds and fogs to mountain streams and oceans. If it sprinkles, drips, flows or gushes, Grendaline is your Giant. As a sideline, she is also influential in the sphere of big, fluffy towels.
Her followers are known as "Grendalinians."
Domains: Good, Law, Ocean, Water

Emblem of Humbaba - A four-legged animal

Humbaba (CG) - The Giant of Walking Creatures

Humbaba is the Giant who rules both two-legged and four-legged beasts. Actually, she rules all the beasts with even-numbered quantities of legs. The odd-numbered ones are on their own.
Her followers are known as "Humbabans."
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Good, Life, Racial Domains (Human, Elf, Halfling, etc.)

Emblem of Lem - Two directional arrows

Lem (N) - The Giant of Travel and Exploration

Lem, the wanderer Giant. Responsible for travel, directions, and knowledge. If you've ever found yourself somewhere you didn't plan to be, chances are it was a Lemish practical joke, for which he is utterly unrepentant.
His followers are known as "Lemmites" or "Lemmings."
Domains: Knowledge, Meditation, Mind, Travel

Emblem of Mab - A swinging scythe

Mab (LN) - The Giant of the Harvest

Mab is the Giant who holds sway over the harvest. She honors industriousness, and rightfully so. Sometimes, however, industriousness can turn to greed. This is a problem.
Her followers are known as "Mabbites."
Domains: Animal, Greed, Law, Plant

Emblem of Pot - A filled bowl

Pot (CN) - The Giant of Prosperity

Round of belly and capacious of stomach, Pot claims dominion over anything edible, cookable, munchable or nibbleworthy. Pot himself is not munchable. Do not attempt to munch any Giants.
His followers are known as "Potians."
Domains: Chaos, Feast, Gluttony, Wealth

Emblem of Spriggan - A tree

Spriggan (LN) - The Giant of Trees

Before Spriggan, no giant had ever imagined a tree. After Spriggan, no giant ever needed to, because he had already imagined them all. Steadfast, persistent, and somewhat rigid, Spriggan is the slumbering Giant of all Trees and Plants. Or "Trants."
His followers are known as "Spriggots."
Domains: Law, Life, Plant

Emblem of Tii - A domino tile

Tii (LN) - The Giant of Numbers

Tii is the overseer of odd and even numbers and the Giant who manipulates all matters numerical. Unlike the other giants, Tii is neither male nor female. Or both male and female. It's either really simple or really confusing, depending how you look at it. Some reckon this is why Tii seems cold and distant. They are incorrect. Tii is merely calculating prime numbers. It's distracting.
Tii's followers are known as "Ti'ites."
Domains: Balance, Knowledge, Law

Emblem of Zille - Two hills

Zille (NG) - The Giant of Mountains

Zille is the giant whose domain is the mountains. Hills, too. Also hillocks, pingos, drumlins and buttes. It's safe to consider that any bump in the ground is Zille's turf. She takes no responsibility, however, for volcanoes.
Her followers are known as "Zillots."
Domains: Cavern, Earth, Good

Emblem of the Rook

The Rook (CE)

"The Rook" is a collective noun referring to the evil, crow-like creatures who exist on the same plane as the Giants and are constantly buzzing at them, dive-bombing, attacking, and trying to eat the Giants' imagination. The Rook is dark and opposes all creativity. And they will try to attack the world, especially locations which are left a little too neglected...
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Spite