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Here are course notes from my technical classes at MIT. If you find any typos, please email me at, and I'd be happy to fix them as soon as I can. Course notes marked in gray aren't quite at the level of polish I'd like yet -- I'll work on those when I can. Notes here that are published are done so with the permission of the course staff, but please note that all course content is owned by MIT and its professors, while mistakes should be attributed to me (in transcription or interpretation -- they were not checked by instructors).

Relevant information

I take notes using Overleaf and my own LaTeX style package (email me for details) -- many thanks to Jason Chen for helping me get started.

I take these notes with the intention of them being a transcript of what is covered during class, plus any additional thoughts that come to me during lecture. I hope this makes the material easy to follow, and it also helps me be a more active learner.

Some of the notes are less clean than others, either because I was still learning to live-TeX early on or because I had trouble following along with the pace of the class while writing down intelligible sentences. Whenever I get a chance, I try to go back to previous semesters' notes, reviewing the material myself and improving their quality.

I'm aware that some people read my notes to pass an ASE, as a replacement for going to classes, or in preparation for future coursework. I'm flattered, but please don't blame me if there's something that I'm missing!

Spring 2022

  • 5.111: Principles of Chemical Science (notes)
  • 18.218: Algebraic Methods in Extremal Combinatorics (notes)
  • 18.952: Theory of Differential Forms (notes)

IAP 2022

  • 8.04: Quantum Physics I (from OCW) (notes)

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

  • 8.06: Quantum Physics III (notes)
  • 8.251: String Theory for Undergraduates (notes)
  • 18.102: Intro to Functional Analysis (notes)
  • 18.677: Topics in Stochastic Processes (with Prof. Borodin) (notes, my class presentation)

Fall 2020

  • 6.004: Computation Structures (notes)
  • 8.333: Statistical Mechanics I (notes)
  • 18.905: Algebraic Topology I (notes)

Spring 2020

  • 8.051: Quantum Physics II (notes)
  • 18.676: Stochastic Calculus (notes)
  • 18.784: Seminar in Number Theory (notes, my CI-M paper)
  • 18.721: Intro to Algebraic Geometry (notes)

Fall 2019

Spring 2019

  • 8.044: Statistical Physics I (notes)
  • 18.212: Algebraic Combinatorics (notes)
  • 18.218: The Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics (notes)
  • 18.702: Algebra II (notes)

Winter 2019 (IAP)

  • 8.223: Classical Mechanics II (notes)

Fall 2018

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