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Welcome to my website! I have recently graduated MIT (class of 2022) with a double major in math and physics. Other things I'm currently interested in (broadly) include music and education.

If you're here, you probably know that I take detailed notes for a lot of my classes; click here to see them. Next year, I will be starting a PhD in mathematics at Stanford (but hopefully my notes will migrate over to my new website when my kerb expires!).

Non-academic things I did at MIT

I was a codirector of the MIT Video Game Orchestra, and I sang with the MIT Asymptones and played in the MIT Symphony Orchestra during my first year at MIT. Music performance is important to me, but I am still thinking about how best to explore it going forward.

I was also an admin for the MIT Educational Studies Program; in 2019, I codirected MIT Splash, a weekend teaching and learning program for thousands of high school students. Other than that, I also took on various officer positions in HMMT and was a member of the Council for Math Majors.


Email me at if you'd like to talk about math, physics, my notes, rhythm games, or anything else! Here's my current CV if you're here for the more professional stuff (last updated November 2021).

Please note that my MIT email will likely be deactivated by the end of the year, and it's also unclear whether this page will stay up. Expect a version of this website to pop up somewhere else in the future!

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