Andrew Lin

Class Notes

Welcome to my website! I am a sophomore at MIT studying math and physics. Things I'm currently interested in (broadly) include music and education.

If you're here, you probably know that I take detailed notes for a lot of my classes; click here to see them.

Recent classes (Fall 2019)

  • 18.675: Theory of Probability
  • 18.112: Functions of a Complex Variable
  • 8.033: Relativity
  • 6.036: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • 11.124: Introduction to Education

Other things I do

I am a violinist and arranger for the MIT Video Game Orchestra, and I sang for a year with the MIT Asymptones. I plan on expanding my music experiences here, but how I'll do that is still undecided.

I am heavily involved with the MIT Educational Studies Program; this past semester, I codirected MIT Splash, a weekend teaching and learning program for thousands of high school students. I am currently a secretary and historian for ESP.

Current enrollment (Spring 2020)

  • 8.051: Quantum Physics II
  • 18.676: Stochastic Calculus
  • 18.721: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
  • 18.784: Seminar in Number Theory
  • 21M.303: Writing in Tonal Forms I
  • 21M.445: Chamber Music Society (6-unit)


Email me at (if you'd like)! If you want, you can also observe my attempt at a CV (last updated February 2020) or my slightly outdated resume (last updated September 2019).

I last updated this on February 20, 2020. A few page visits have occurred since February 20, 2020.