Selected articles and lectures for 8.334 reading:

Phase transitions, Landau theory, mean field theory, Ising model, mixtures, by Edward Groth (from lect22.pdf through lect27.pdf, see also homework problem)
Order Parameters, Broken Symmetry, and Topology, by James P. Sethna
Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Physics, by Paul Coddington
History and outlook of statistical physics, by D. Flamm
The renormalization group and critical phenomena, by K. G. Wilson (1983)
The renormalization group: Critical phenomena and the Kondo problem, by K. G. Wilson (1975)
Renormalization Group Theory, by M. E. Fisher (1998)
Renormalization Group Theory, by M. E. Fisher (1974)
The application of renormalization group techniques to quarks and strings, by L. P. Kadanoff (1977)
Theory of dynamic critical phenomena, P. C. Hohenberg and B. I. Halperin (1977)
The Kosterlitz-Thoyuless Phase Transition, by Steven Girvin
Notes on Continuum Limit of Hubbard and Heisenberg Model, Bosonization, by Ian Affleck
Glassy Phases and Dynamics of Randomly Pinned Elastic Media, by Leon Balents
Pattern Formation in Nonequilibrium Systems, by Michael Cross
Notes on History of Critical Phenomena, by Valery Pokrovsky

Introduction to renormalization group theory,, by Junqiao Wu
Phase Transitions and Phase Equilibria, by Boris Veytsman and Michael Kotelyanskii
An Introduction to the Renormalisation Group Theory, by Co Georg (?)
Monte Carlo Simulations of Ferromagnetic Quasi Two Dimensional Spin Model Systems, M.S. Thesis by Lars Bergqvist
Colour-group Approach to Classification of Phase Transitions with N-component Order Parameter, M.S. Thesis by Svetoslav Ivantchev