Create MATLAB header

Language: Python

Last modified: 15 August 2006

The first few commented lines of a MATLAB function are used as help documentation for the function. This script makes it easy to generate a consistent header for your functions and is most useful when run from within a text editor, such as Vim or BBEdit.

Get the script

Vim setup

Add the following lines to your vimrc file where </code> is the complete path to the script. With these settings, the script can be run by placing the cursor on the line with the function declaration and typing ',mh' - comma then m then h.

" ,mh apply matlab header
nmap ,mh :.!/
vmap ,mh !/

### BBEdit or TextWrangler setup

The script or an alias to the script should be installed in the Unix
Filters directory - see the manual for the location of this directory.
Once installed, you select the function declaration and run the script.  

### Sample input and output

When run on the following function declaration:

function [out1,out2] = testfunction(in1,in2)
The script produces the following header:
% -Usage-
%	[out1,out2] = testfunction(in1,in2)
% -Inputs-
%	in1
%	in2
% -Outputs-
%	out1
%	out2
% Last Modified: 01/26/2009
You can customize the header by editing the template at the top of the script.