This is the website of Kevin Richardson. (Keywords: graduate student, philosophy, MIT, UNC Chapel Hill, sophistry.)

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I'm a graduate student in philosophy at MIT.

Before I came to MIT, I attended UNC Chapel Hill.

For fun, I like manipulating objects using only my hands.


I practice a kind of linguisticized metaphysics.

Fond of all things meta: metaphilosophy, metaphysics, metametaphysics, etc.

Fan of the German Idealists and their successors.


We can illuminate the nature of meaning by reflecting on its origins.

President of the Black Graduate Student Association at MIT. Proud member of ACME.

Shout out to Matthias Jenny, Alex Byrne, and Rebecca Millsop.


MIT Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 32-D928
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307, USA

kev1n (at)