This is the website of Kevin Richardson. (Keywords: graduate student, philosophy, MIT, UNC Chapel Hill, sophistry.)

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I'm a graduate student in philosophy at MIT.

Before I came to MIT, I attended UNC Chapel Hill.

For fun, I like to tell honest lies.


I practice a kind of linguisticized metaphysics.

Like every other young metaphysician, I'm currently working on metaphysical structure (specifically: grounding).

I also work on language. I like the question: “How does context-sensitivity feature in natural language?”


I don't work on this stuff, but I'm into it.

History: German idealism; French and American pragmatism; medieval nominalism (esp. Abelard).

Epistemology: The value turn in epistemology; virtue epistemology; epistemology as normative theory.


I've been a teaching assistant for the following classes:

  • Problems of Philosophy. Fall 2013.
  • Paradox and Infinity. Spring 2014.
  • Minds and Machines. Fall 2014.

Bonus Item: I've worked on the online version of Problems of Philosophy.


We can illuminate the nature of meaning by reflecting on its origins.

I'm the president of the MIT Black Graduate Student Association.

Shout out to Matthias Jenny, Alex Byrne, and Rebecca Millsop.


My email is kev1n (at) mit (dot) edu.

Contact me. I mean it. Especially if you share my theoretical interests.

(I would put my department address here but, come on, were you really going to send me a letter?)