MIT Kendo Club

About Kendo

Before the mid-eighteenth century, the Samurai used real blades (shinken) or a wooden sword (boken or bokuto) to practice their sword skills. Unfortunately, death or serious injuries were not an uncommon occurance. In the mid-eighteenth century, Nakanishi Chuta created Kendo as a means to practice swordsmanship without fear of injury. He created the bamboo practice sword (shinai), allowing the swordsman to execute a full blow without fear of causing an injury. In addition, he created protective gauntlets (kote), chest guard (do), hip and groin protector (tare), and a head and throat protector (men). Kendo has remained fundamentally unchanged since then. Today, Kendo is a sport practiced by thousands of people around the world. It emphasizes on developing the mind, body, and spirit together. It also promotes strategic thinking, respect, discipline, and honor, traits that have made the Samurai peerless warriors.