Mehran Kardar


The following presentations are available on the web:

  1. "Generalizing from polymers to fluctuating manifolds," (ITP lunchtime seminar)
  2. "Pinwheels in Cortical Maps," (ITP seminar)
  3. "The 'Friction' of Vacuum, and other Fluctuation-Induced Forces," (ITP colloquium)
  4. "Perspectives at the Interface of Biology and Statistical Physics," (ITP program summary)
  5. "Symmetry Considerations in Cortical Maps"
  6. "Tightness of Polymer Knots"
  7. "Casimir forces, surface fluctuations, and thinning of superfluid films" [PowerPoint File]
  8. "Anomalous Dynamics of Translocation" at APS
  9. "From Brownian Motion to Cell Motility"
  10. "Brownian Motion, Active Fluctuations & Anomalous Diffusion"
  11. "The Shape Dependence of Fluctuation-Induced Forces"
  12. "Anomalous Dynamics of Translocation" at KITP
  13. "The geometry dependence of fluctuation-induced forces" at KITP
  14. Presentation at the 2007 March APS meeting symposium on "Teaching non-equilibrium statistical mechanics"
  15. "The Elusiveness of Polymer Knots"
  16. "Less can also be different"
  17. "The theory and practice of fluctuation-induced forces" at KITP
  18. "The Elusiveness of Knots in Polymers & Proteins," at KITP
  19. "Manipulating Fluctuation-Induced Forces" (UCSB)
  20. "Thymic Selection of T-Cell Receptors as an Extreme Value Problem"
  21. "Manipulating Fluctuation-Induced Forces" (Dresden)