Mehran Kardar


[1]   Timothy Halpin-Healy, (Joint advisor with Prof. B.I. Halperin at Harvard University), 1987
Professor of Physics at Barnard College, New York
[2]   Terence Hwa, Physics Department, MIT (Joint advisor with Professor T. Tanaka), 1990
Professor of Physics at UCSD
[3]   Maya Paczuski, Electrical Engineering Department, MIT, 1991
Professor of Physics, University of Calgary, Canada
[4]   Ernesto Medina, Physics Department, MIT, 1991
Research Staff IVIC; and Physics Department, University of Caracas, Venezuela
[5]   Hao Li, Physics Department, MIT (Joint advisor with Professor K. Huang), 1992
Professor, Department of Biochmistry and Biophysics, UC San Francisco
[6]   Leon Balents, (Joint advisor with Prof. D.S. Fisher at Harvard University), 1994
Professor, Physics Department & KITP, UC Santa Barbara
[7]   Lawrence Saul, Physics Department, MIT, 1994
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, UC San Diego
[8]   Deniz Ertas, Physics Department, MIT, 1995
Permanent member of staff at EXXON/Mobil Research and Engineering
[9]   Darren Pierre, Physics Department, MIT
Master's thesis awarded in 1997; Dominican priesthood.
[10] Ramin Golestanian, Inst. for Advanced Studies in Theor. Phys. & Math., Zanjan, Iran, 1998
Professor, Department of  Physics, Oxford University, England
[11] Raissa D'Souza, Physics Department, MIT, 1999
Professor, Department of Computational Science and Engineering, UC Davis
[12] Mohammad Kohandel, Inst. for Advanced Studies in Theor. Phys. & Math., Zanjan, Iran, 1999
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada
[13] Rava daSilveira, Physics Department, MIT, 2000
Permanent Research position at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
[14] Jeffrey H. Chuang, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Profs. Tanaka and Grosberg), 2001
The Jackson Lab. For Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT
[15] Kimani A. Stancil, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Profs. Tanaka and Feld), 2002
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Howard University
[16] Mehdi Yahyanejad, Physics Department, (Joint advisor with Professor C. Burge) MIT, 2004
Co-founder Adoptic, Inc.
[17] Allan Lee, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. van Oudernaarden), 2005
Master’s thesis in 2005, MathWorks.
[18] Michael Slutsky, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. Leonid Mirny), 2005
Algorithm Engineer, Algotec Systems Ltd., Israel
[19] John Frank, Physics Department, MIT
Co-founder and CTO of MetaCarta.
[20] Sahand Jamal Rahi, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. Robert Jaffe), 2010
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Rockefeller University
[21] Andrea Zoia , Visiting student from Milan Polytechnic
Permanent Research position at CEA/Saclay, France
[22] Clement Chatelain, Visiting student from Ecole Normale Superieure, Cachan (2007-08)
Doctoral studies at ENS, Cachan.
[23] Andrej Kosmrlj, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. Arup Chakraborty, Chem. E.), 2011
Assistant Professor, Dept. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University
[24] Alexander Shpunt, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. Leonid Mirny)
Co-founder of PrimeSense, Apple Inc.
[25] Mohammad Faghfoor Maghrebi, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. Robert Jaffe), 2013
Postdoctoral position, JQI, University of Maryland
[26] Vladyslav A. Golyk, Physics Department, MIT (jointly with Prof. Robert Jaffe)
Associate at McKinsey & Company, New York
[27] Michael Flynn, Physics Undergraduate thesis, MIT, 2015
Doctoral studies at UC Davis
[28] Hanrong Chen, Physics Department, Harvard University
[29] Sherry Chu, Physics Department, MIT

Postdoctoral Fellows

[1]   Marcelo L. Lyra (1992-94)
Departamento de Fisica, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, MaceiÏ, AL 57061, Brazil
[2]   Barbara Drossel (1994- 96 )
Professor, University of Darmstadt, Germany
[3]   Carmen Miguel-Lopez (1996- 98)
Associate Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain
[4]   Luis A. Nunes Amaral (1997- 99)
Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Northwestern University
[5]   Thorsten Emig (1999-01)
Permanent Research position at LPTMS, Univ. of Paris Sud, France
[6]   Ha Youn Lee (2000-01, and 03)
Associate Professor, Dept of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, University of Southern California
[7]   Paul Dommersnes (2000-01)
Assistant Professor, University of Paris VII, France
[8]   Andreas Hanke (2000-01)
Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Brownsville
[9]   Ralf Metzler (2000-02)
Professor, University of Potsdam, Germany
[10] Roya Zandi (2002-4)
Associate Professor, UC Riverside
[11] Richard Metzler (2003-5)
Munich, Germany
[12] Peter Virnau (2004-06)
Mainz, Germany
[13] Reuven Cohen (2006-07)
Faculty position, Dept. of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University, Israel  
[14] Christoph Haselwandter (2007-9)
Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics, University of Southern California   
[15] Matthias Kruger (2010-12)
Emmy Noether researcher at MPI, Stuttgart
[16] Etienne Barnard (2011-12)
Research Associate at Wolfram Research    
[17] Thomas C. Butler (2010-13) (jointly with Prof. Arup Chakraborty)
Quantitative Researcher at Edgestream Partners, L.P.   
[18] Shenshen Wang (2013-15) (jointly with Prof. Arup Chakraborty)
Assistant Professor, Physics Department, UCLA  
[19] Guy Bunin, Pappalardo Fellow (2013-2016)
[20] Assaf Amitai (2014- ) (jointly with Prof. Arup Chakraborty