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Communication Systems & Networks

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Radio Lab TA during Spring 2018: Leveraging the radio laboratory we created in the previous year, we are currently designing five experiments for the students:

  • Lab 1: Introduction to LabVIEW and to the SDR
  • Lab 2: Simple PAM-2 transmitter and receiver
  • Lab 3: Designing PAM-M and QAM-M systems
  • Lab 4: Effects of the Channel
  • Lab 5: Introduction to Multiple Access Protocols
In addition to improving the Radio Lab, I also had the opportunity to lecture the Quantization class this semester.

Radio Lab TA during Spring 2017: Professor Modiano and I created an entire radio laboratory from the ground up. Our goal is to provide hands-on experience for the students. We designed two experiments for the new laboratory:

  • Lab 1: Introduction to LabVIEW and to the SDR
  • Lab 2: Designing a PAM-M system and analyzing its BER
The feedback from the students was very positive. Our plan is to expand the laboratory next year. In addition to creating the Radio Lab, I also had the opportunity to lecture two classes this semester: one on Quantization and another on the Data Link Layer.

Class TA during Spring 2016: Lectured two classes on the Data Link layer covering Framing, Stop & Wait, Go back N and Selective Repeat protocols. Offered three exam review sessions for the students. Created a new MATLAB project in which students were able to simulate the communication system in the figure below. Assisted in the design of Quizes and Problem Sets. Held weekly office hours for the students. Student feedback for the TA at the end of the term was 6.9 out of 7.0.

Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program

The KTCP is designed for graduate students and postdocs who wish to develop skills to support their teaching or are preparing for future faculty careers. This program is offered by the Teaching & Learning Lab at MIT. Some of the topics covered during the course are:

  • Designing a Course and Constructing a Syllabus
  • Planning and Facilitating a Class Session
  • Students as Learners, You as Teacher
  • Interactive Teaching & Active Learning
  • Constructing Effective Assignments, Problem Sets & Exam Questions
  • Teaching Inclusively

Math Teacher - Volunteer Work

For one and a half years I volunteered for the local government in Brazil teaching Math to a (very) talented class of middle school students.

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