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虎  = Tiger, 豕=swine, 犬=dog, 象=elephant, 龜=turtle, 為= to do, 疾= illness

Egypt Magical Stela (BC 360)

Harappan script (BC 2600-1900)

       中華商代甲骨文 (BC 1400 - )
        Chinese oracle bone script

the partial evolution of a Chinese script

     金文, 銘文, 鐘鼎文 (BC 800)
      Chinese bronze inscriptions

          (BC 1300 - BC 219)

       中華古代天文學 (- BC 1400 - )
        ancient Chinese astronomy

             敦煌星圖 (-700)
      Chinese Dunhuang Star Chart


為什麼?為甚麼?Why?Warum?почему? なぜ?왜?क्यों? למה   چرا؟ ملماذا ؟

哪裡? Where? Wo? Где? どこで? 어디?कहां?  איפה?  أياز کجا؟ن؟

哪時? When? Wann? когда? 時? 때? कब? כאשר  متزمانی که؟ى؟

如何? How?Wie?каким образом?どうやって?어떻게? कैसे? איך   چگونه؟ كيف؟

什麼? What? Was? Что? なに? 무엇? क्या?  מה   چه؟ ماذا؟

? Who? Wer? Кто? 誰ですか? 누구?कौन?  מי      چه کسی  من؟

哇喔...Wow... Woooooow....  Woooooooooow.... Wow...   Wow... 哇喔...

Maya script
Mayan hieroglyphs

Old Persian script

Old Persian cuneiform

       中華仰韶文化 (BC 5000 - BC3000 )
        Chinese Yangshao culture

                 The image of Sun

The first recorded observation of sun spot dated back to Chinese 甘德 (BC364) and《淮南子》(BC140).


          Chinese Song Dynasty Supernova observation (~1054)

  = Tiger