Baron Election Page Technical Notes

This page describes the maintenance of the Carolingia Baron[ess] election page used in 2001. I hope that these notes can be used to facilitate other elections along the same lines. I used the same system to facilitate the Seneschal election in 2002.

The setup is a number of candidates who agree to make public their answers to a variety of questions. Votes may read the answers, collected by candiate or by question. Candidates may be paired or not, and may answer individual questions as a pair, or not.

The pages are created using a series of partial HTML pages and scripts. If I were to do this now, I would probably make a variety of SSI pages, rather try to generate complete HTML files.

The two examples of this system are available:

Directory Setup

Every question has a unix file name. Every candidate, or pair of candidates, has a unix file name (william, mary, and william_mary).

Create a directory for the working files. This directory will contain subdirectories for each question (working/question/), named with the question name, which in turn contain text files named with the candidates' names, "william_mary.txt". Also contained here is a file called question with the text of the question. See a sample directory.

In addition, this directory contains the following:

Finally, there is the website directory tree, which is mostly just a scaled-down version of this one. It contains a candidates directory, with candidate html files; images directory, with pictures of the candidates; questions directory, with question html files; and resumes directory, for other important candidate files. Finally, it has the index.html file, for entering the site. This file was always hand-coded. See my index.html file.

All of these files are contained in a zip file. Also, here is the zip file for the Seneschal election in 2002.