Ideas for Projects

This list exists to encourage progress on cool projects that I have been excited by, but have not pursued far. If you are interested in any of these projects, or have thoughts or references, tell me so that we might make progress together.

A previous version of my "current projects list" is available in PDF, DVI, and LaTeX.
Project Name Description Collaborators Last Updated
Rod Life Create a Java-based, graphics-rich artificial life evolver that works entirely with evolving rods that connect in different ways... Use Stella-like interconnections, where variables (length, rigidity...) can be changed with whatever is in a reseviour. 2003 07 15
Animation Book Book idea: method is discovered to take brain dead bodies and bodies in comas and ``animate'' them-- they can be electically directed to perform menial tasks (and later to draw on mechanical skills that they would have). Social implications abound. 2003 05 04
Work Around Game A game of life, with the challange is spending ones time in a way that is fulfilling and in line with ones life goals. Inspired by a card game (don't remember name); Uses Scheme/Java interface with codelets. Claudia 2003 07 21
Society Simulator Object-oriented simulator of people, skills, resources, and locations, powerful and low-level enough for people-bots to form formal and informal contracts, conventions (such as money), and hierarchical social structures. 2002 05 28
Genre Player A music player that stores percentage "likelihood of plyaing" for every song under each of different conditions (regular listening, Christmas-time, etc...). Possibly also able to adjust probabilities given feedback, or have network of how songs sound good near each other (in context). 2001 10 09
WebTree Searching A combination of and a search engine to create an interactive searching experience. From seed search terms, the results are groups in natural categories and questions are asked to distinguish signal from noise. The ESG AI Group 2002 05 16
TownMaker Two unrelated ideas: Town creation, in the manner of fractal planet creation, for use in Dungeons and Dragons games; and People simulation, by attributing to each special MBTI behaviors (or maybe any Jungian internal structure) in addition to a balance of humours. 2002 09 01