Journal for 2003 September 15
I've cooled off enough to get some writing done now. It's almost 12:30. I woke up, late, at 11:45, realized that it was Monday, and started moving like heck. I managed to catch the 12:05 train... which is good, because the next train to go to Needham is at 2:05. I don't know who I should apologize to more, Jill or the students, but I think I have some grovelling to do.

I spent all my extra minutes grading yesterday, but still didn't use all my minutes as extra. Claudia and I got out of bed late and painted the Underground. I spent a chuck of time trying to find a way to record MP3s that come in streaming into MP3 files, for my "Wonderous Celtic" CDs. I also implemented some stuff for the grading system, and sent off all the students passwords for the improved, password-protected version. Claudia dragged me off to Random to say hi to Jocelyn and hang out for a while.

I'm still trying to figure out if the current Olin workload is making me fall progressively behind, or get things slowly more together in live. My email backlog is pretty bad, but no worse than the middle of the semester. I'm under more of a whip, but every time I send a student a little email that says "good job", it makes me feel good.

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