Journal for 2003 September 2
It is the first day of classes at Olin. It is also the first day that I try out my ability to get there myself in a time-effective way. I was hurried and stressed this morning, trying to get ready, find a cab, and check my plans. Now I am on the train, and almost home free.

I spent the weekend wonderfully, I think. I would have been uncomfortable doing little work for Olin, but I needed to get out, as this may be my last chance for a while. And I did. I wandered Boston with Claudia, went out to eat, played games, and read. Perhaps not as much as my undergrad comrades, but enough, around time spent at Olin and my new project.

It's very drowsy out this morning, quiet and still, overcast and wet. I ran through the drissle to get to the T, but expect to have little to worry about waiting for my cab (soon now).

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