Journal for 2003 August 30
It's Saturday and I've been approaching wakefullness in fits and starts. Claudia is naked beside me, warm and silent with a touch of breast peaking out from under the blanket. Her presence draws me back to the sleeping world, but not right now.

Work at Olin is exhausting. It is truly a 24x7 job, more than iNeed (the startup I spent the summer at), or Claudia, or ESG, or the SCA could be. It is like my life as a student at MIT. Two days ago, someone at lunch said, half joking, "That's it, just let me rest in peace," or something like it. Between Claudia at night and Olin by day, sleep has become something precious. But then, Tibiens advice for one's twenties is "Don't look down."

I helped out Tamsin at the Activities Midway for the SCA yesterday. I enjoyed being extraverted in that time-limited way, and I think I have gotten better at it every year. (Now I have a 50% success rate for getting noticed on saying "Hi", to Tibicen's near-100%). It is interesting that the Assasain's Guild, the SCA, the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, and the Lab for Chocolate Science, four of the groups that, along with MITSFS, formed "Freak Row" this year, where essentially the last to leave. We started packing late and spent more time chatting, and the three of us found ourselves in an empty room, except for the industrious ASAers in their white shirts. I'm very glad I left Olin early, even though I have so much to do there. We got some great people and MITGaard, I think, has much to live on.

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