Session Summary 3

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Day 0 supplies from head priest of Horus's temple (Father Hremni)
Day 1 travel north
Day 2 travel north
Day 3 encounter cleric of Osiris, travel north, reach cliff
Day 4 travel north, up east side of mountain, encounter wolverine
Day 5 travel west, above treetops, see non-forest glint below
Day 6 travel southeast
Day 7 travel southeast, reach cliff, scout around
Day 8 scout, find symbol on cliff above cave
approach cave (contains guy and girl)
Devin approaches, guy attacks, battle, scream, cave collapse
Miraan and Rania head back toward temple of Horus on horses,
Devin and Charles lead duchess more slowly
Day 9 Miraan and Rania reach temple, Miraan heads back with priests
Day 10 Miraam and priests arrive, deactivate amulet, save Duchess
Day 11 head back toward Horus temple
Day 12 arrive at temple
300 XP to all (With the new experience system, I will start giving individual experience)

In Duchess and guy's saddle bags (Duchess is still confused, but welcomes you to all her stuff-- she just wants to forget about it.):

    1 large tent, 3 blankets, lantern, small mirror, 4 changes of women's clothing, 20 gp of spices, light crossbow, rapier, 6 daggers, 80 gp

Jimmy for questions.