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00/8/24 Earlier in the day, people ran around and worked on skills

At sundown, Miraan, Charles, Aron, and Kukiri go to the "Revolutionary Rally." Beer and ale are passed around as the leader of the revolutionaries gives a moving speech... moving the crowd into a mob to storm the house of records. Aron tries to stop them from hangin the head scribe, and fails.

Aron leaves rally and meets secretly with dukes head councilor at an agreed meeting spot with Miraan. Councilor answers some questions and Aron agrees to try to rescue the duke if he is in the dungeon under the duke's manor. Councilor tells him to meet with another at the same place and time for information to help the group get in to the dungeon.

Kukiri, Aurora, and Rath play outside at night (hide and seek) Kukiri attacked after casting a Light spell; breaks one attacker's leg and flees back to the inn. Rath and Aurora follow trail of blood and find thieves hideout, but they leave in different directions.

00/8/25 Early in the day, people prepare to leave town in a hurry after breaking into the manor, and work on skills.

One hour after sundown, Miraan, Charles, Aurora, Rath, and Aron meet informant (a farmer who used to feed a beast which is kept in the dungeon by sending sheep down a narrow tunnel). Kukiri is following group. Informant leads group to tunnel, then leaves. Group enters, followed by Kukiri.

The chamber the tunnel leads to has a large, reinforced wooden door across from the sheep tunnel, and a larger tunnel leading off to the right. A circular, 6 inch wide grate is on the cieling covering a small fluke.

The party enters the chamber and tries to open the door. After Eventually, Aron rams the door and a giant preying mantis comes out of the side tunnel and attacks. Eventually, the party successfully kills the beast.

Everyone is still in this room.

Experience Rewards:
150 GEX to all but Rath
50 GEX to Rath
30 PEX, 30 MEX to Rowan
100 PEX to Aron, Miraan, Aurora, and Charles
50 PEX, 50 MEX to Kukiri

Next meeting will be this Wednesday, 1/17, starting between 7:00 and 8:00..

Jimmy for questions.