Session Summary 1

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Day 0 Devin requests 2 weeks, party collects rations and equipment
Day 1 Set out south early, travel all day, see signs of other adventurers
Day 2 travel, reach lake, signs of adventurers
Day 3 travel around lake, continue south, meet trader (from elvenlands, mentions two other groups, one previous day, other some days before), path now disappeared
Day 4 travel south, slaughter 'bolds, russling at night to west
Day 5 travel south, find impression dragged south, russling to west
Day 6 find trail of elves, heading north-west, follow, woken twice during night
Day 7 find east-west barrier (look temporary), elves escort away, continue north
Day 8 travel east to Horus temple outside Morgal, priest tells of Duchess's family murdered
The priest at the temple also gives you a full meal, places to sleep, gives you each a full week of rations. You have some time to ask him more questions, if you want. Rania, you might be able to request some additional equipment, but they are low right now, but you should spend some time praying too.

100 XP, + 10 percent for prime requisite < 15.

Jimmy for questions.