Early Papers on Robust Control
by Professor How


Direct Unfalsified Control Design - Solution Via Convex Optimization
B. R. Woodley, Jonathan P. How and R. L. Kosut


Control of asynchronous dynamical systems with rate constraints on events
A. Hassibi, S. P. Boyd, and J. P. How


A class of Lyapunov functionals for analyzing hybrid dynamical systems
A. Hassibi, S. Boyd, and J. How


Low-authority controller design via convex optimization
A. Hassibi, J. How, S. Boyd


A path-following method for solving BMI problems in control
A. Hassibi, J. How, and S. Boyd


Parametric Robust H-infinity Controller Synthesis: Comparison and Convergence Analysis
David Banjerdpongchai and Jonathan P. How. 

Banj_ACC98.pdf ACC98. 

Robust Stability and Performance Analysis of Systems with Hysteresis Nonlinearities
T. Pare and J. P. How

hyster.pdf ACC98. 

An H-infinity Optimal Alternative to the FxLMS Algorithm
B. Sayyar-Rodsari, J. P. How,  B. Hassibi, and A. Carrier

hinf_fxlms.pdf ACC98. 

An Estimation-Based Approach to the Design of Adaptive Filters
B. Sayyar-Rodsari, J. P. How, B. Hassibi, and A. Carrier

iir_ACC98.pdf ACC98. 

Uncertainty Model Unfalsification With Simulation
B. R. Woodley, R. L. Kosut and  Jonathan P. How

unfals.pdf ACC98. 

Control of LPV Systems using a Quasi-Piecewise Affine Parameter-Dependent Lyapunov Function
S. Lim and J. How

lpv98.pdf ACC98. 

Convergence analysis of a Parametric Robust H2 Controller Synthesis Algorithm 
David Banjerdpongchai and Jonathan P. How. 

CDC_1997.pdf CDC97. 

Parametric Robust H2 Control Design with Generalized Multipliers via LMI Synthesis
David Banjerdpongchai and Jonathan P. How. 

Int. J. of Control, Vol 70, 
No. 3, May, 1998, pp. 481-503.

LMI synthesis of Parametric Robust H_infty controllers
David Banjerdpongchai and  Jonathan P. How.

ACC_1997.pdf ACC97

Parametric Robust H2 Control Design Using LMI Synthesis
David Banjerdpongchai and Jonathan P. How.

GNC_1996.pdf GNC96.