About Me

I'm an NSF postdoctoral fellow in the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I work with Paul O'Gorman on large-scale climate and atmospheric dynamics.

My research is motivated by my desire to quantify and reduce the uncertainty of the effects of human-induced changes on large-scale atmospheric phenomena like monsoons and storm tracks. Using a combination of observations, theory, and climate models of varying complexity, I explore the fundamental physical processes that are altering the annual cycle, the hydrological cycle, and sea ice-atmosphere interaction. I am also interested in better understanding natural climate variability, especially for how it can be used to constrain climate sensitivity.

My current work is focused on modifying our theories of mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics to include the effects of moisture. I'm also researching the effects of sea ice loss on the extratropical atmospheric circulation and how extreme weather events might change in response.

For my PhD I studied projected changes to the annual cycle of temperature and precipitation due to increasing greenhouse gases in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University with my advisors, Michela Biasutti and Adam Sobel.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Moist formulations of the Eliassen-Palm flux and their connection to the surface westerlies
JG Dwyer and PA O'Gorman
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Accepted, 2016.

Projected changes in the seasonal cycle of surface temperature
Projected 21st century changes in the length of the tropical cyclone season
JG Dwyer, SJ Camargo, AH Sobel, M Biasutti, KA Emanuel, GA Vecchi, M Zhao, and MK Tippett
Journal of Climate, 28(15): 6181-6192, (2015) <-doi->

The effect of greenhouse gas-induced changes in SST on the annual cycle of zonal mean tropical precipitation
JG Dwyer, M Biasutti, and AH Sobel
Journal of Climate, 27(12): 4544-4565, (2014) <-doi->

Projected changes in the seasonal cycle of surface temperature
JG Dwyer, M Biasutti, and AH Sobel
Journal of Clilmate, 25(18): 6359-6374 (2012) <-doi->

Do climate models reproduce observed solar dimming and brightening over China and Japan?
JG Dwyer, JR Norris, and C Ruckstuhl
Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, D00K08 (2010) <-doi->

Joint searches between gravitational-wave interferometers and high-energy neutrino telescopes: science reach and analysis strategies
V van Elewyck, S Ando, Y Aso, B Baret, M Barsuglia, I Bartos, E Chassande-Mottin, I Palma, JG Dwyer, C Finley, K Kei, A Kouchner, S Márka, Z Márka, J Rollins, CD Ott, T Pradier, and A Searle
International Journal of Modern Physics D, 18(10): 1655-1659 (2009) <-doi->

Search method for coincident events from LIGO and IceCube detectors
Y Aso, Z Márka, C Finley, JG Dwyer, K Kotake, and S Márka
Classical and Quantum Gravity, 25(11), 114039 (2008) <-doi->

Prospects of gravitational wave data mining and exploration via evolutionary computing
M Lightman, J Thurakal, JG Dwyer, R Grossman, P Kalmus, L Matone, J Rollins, S Zairis, and S Márka
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 32: 58-65 (2006) <-doi->

PhD Dissertation

Projected Changes in the Annual Cycle of Surface Temperature and Precipitation Due to Greenhouse Gas Increases
JG Dwyer
PhD Dissertation, Columbia University (2014) <-doi->

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