Joanna Moody, Ph.D.

Research Program Manager, Mobility Systems Center

MIT Energy Initiative

Joanna Moody is the Research Program Manager for the MIT Energy Initiative's Mobility Systems Center: an industry-funded research consortium focused on the complex interactions between advanced technologies, alternative fuels, infrastructure, service models, consumer choice, and government policy and how they may shape the future of passenger and goods movement. Joanna's research uses econometrics and psychometrics, paired with structural equation modeling, to explore the interactions between policies, attitudes, and individual travel behavior. Joanna's research focuses on how individual decisions by key stakeholders (policymakers and consumers) will shape the use of new transportation technologies and services that have the potential to challenge the existing paradigm of reliance on gasoline-powered, single-occupancy privately-owned vehicles, and how these impacts vary across international urban contexts.

Research Projects

International Development Work

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), World Bank Group
Transportation Research and Project Management Consultant

More Information

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