Spa Rules & Requests

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We have a spa (hot tub). It's a Hot Spring Prodigy, which is rated for 5 adults. We're happy to share it with our friends and family. However, we ask that everyone using our spa observes our rules, to help ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.


Regardless of what might or might not be on this list, everyone who uses the spa has a responsibility to be safe, and not do anything you think might be dangerous.

Some of the inherent dangers of spas are:

Spas, like swimming pools, the ocean, lakes, and even bathtubs, contain enough water for someone to drown. Most of the same safety precautions that apply around these other bodies of water also apply to spas.
Prolonged immersion in hot water can result in hyperthermia (a dangerous condition which occurs when the core body temperature becomes elevated above its normal temperature). Hyperthermia is particularly dangerous because several of the symptoms actually make it more difficult to counteract the problem. Symptoms include unawareness of the impending hazard, falure to perceive heat, failure to recognize the need to get out of the spa, physical inability to get out of the spa, and unconsciousness (which can lead to drowning). Some safety tips for avoiding hyperthermia include:
Slipping & Falling
Wet surfaces can be slippery. Be careful while getting into and out of the spa. Because of the potential danger of someone falling, hitting his/her head and drowning, no one should ever be in the spa unless there's at least one other adult in the room (who may be either inside or outside of the spa).
Keep electrical devices and anything else that's plugged in out of reach of the spa.
Adult Supervision
Children are welcome to use the spa (subject to the hyperthermia limitations above) as long as a parent (or other adult who has the parents' authority to take charge of the child in an emergency) is supervising.
Don't jump or engage in other reckless behaviors. Any number of bad things could happen, including slipping & falling, twisting an ankle on the uneven bottom of the spa, or cracking the spa.

Comfort & Convenience

The following additional rules & requests are for the comfort & convenience of your fellow bathers, as well as to make life easier for Nancy & Jeff.

Trespass Notice

Because this page is publicly accessible on the web, it's important for us to include a trespass notice. Please note that these rules do not in any way constitute permission from Nancy or Jeff for anyone to use the spa without our explicit permission. Using the spa without our permission constitutes trespassing, and will be dealt with in accordance with local laws.

Thanks for helping us keep the spa fun and safe for everyone!

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