Music in my Life

I started playing violin the violin in 1968, when the Suzuki method was new to the United States. I switched to being primarily a violist in 1976.

Currently, I play professionally with Symphony by the Sea, and I am also the assistant principal violist of the New England Philharmonic..

Other orchestras I have played with include the Corning (N.Y.) Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the MIT Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Collegiate Symphony Orchestra, the Brookline Symphony Orchestra, the MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players, the Greensboro (Vt.) Festival Orchestra, the Boston Chamber Ensemble, the Triptych Chamber Orchestra, and a couple of string quartets.

Non-classically, I play fiddle (and occasionally pipe & tabor) for Red Herring Morris. If the embedded sound is working properly, you're listening to an MP3 of me playing the melody and harmony of one of my fiddle tunes.

I'm proud of being a violist. As such, I collect viola jokes (as well as jokes about other instruments).

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