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Use this form to submit information about your morris or sword side (team) for inclusion in Jeff Bigler's listing. If you include a URL, the web site will also be included in Rich Holmes's and John Maher's collections of morris- and sword-related links.

Note: if you would like to submit information about a web site that is not specific to a particular morris or sword side, please use the morris-related website info form instead.

If this is a new listing, please fill in as many of the fields as you can. If this is an update, you may fill in only the fields that have changed, with the exceptions that fields shown in red are required in order for the form to process your entry, and fields shown in dark green are requested even if the information has not changed, in order to make it easier to process the information. You may find it convenient to open the Morris & Sword Side Information Page in a separate window so you can cut and paste information.

Note about spam and email addresses: Jeff Bigler, Rich Holmes, and John Maher all do our best to strike a balance between making contact information available to other dancers/sides and protecting it from spammers. Some ways of protecting email addresses include generating wiki pages on the fly from PHP scripts and disguising email addresses, such as jcb [at] mit [dot] edu. However, please keep in mind that there is no way to keep any information on the internet 100% safe from spammers.

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Northwest morris
Northwest clog morris
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mumming (mummer's plays)

Tradition(s) or style(s) danced (e.g., Bledington, Headington, etc.):

In what year was the side founded?

List any organizations (such as the Morris Ring, the Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS), etc.) to which the side belongs.
The Morris Ring     full member     associate member
The Morris Federation
Open Morris
English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS), a UK organisation
Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS), a US organization
Other organizations:

Description of kit/livery (costume):

Note: when describing your side's kit, please be aware that people in both the UK and the USA (as well as other parts of the world) will be reading your description. Watch out for words that have different meanings in British vs. American English, such as:

word US meaning UK meaning
vest waistcoat undershirt
knickers knee breeches ladies' frilly underpants
suspenders bracers garter belts
pants trousers underpants
jumper pinafore dress sweater

Contact Information

Name of primary contact for your side:

Primary contact's telephone number:
Note: please use international formats for telephone numbers, beginning with the country code (e.g., +44 for the UK, +1 for the USA and Canada), and using spaces to separate the parts of the telephone number. An example would be: +1 617 555 1234

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Web Site

Note: If your side doesn't have a web site, skip this section. (Leave "yes" checked for both of the following questions.)

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Please double-check that the above URL is complete and correct. (E.g., watch for files ending with ".htm" vs. ".html".) If there is a typo, it is often impossible to determine what the correct URL should have been.

Note from Jeff Bigler about logos: Because the logos were the most time-consuming part of maintaining my listing, I have had to stop including them. I enjoyed having the logos on the page, and would have preferred to keep them, but they were the one part that I wasn't able to automate.

About the Web Page Maintainer

Please provide information about the person who maintains the side's web page(s).

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