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2006 Day of Dance
Costs and Options

To determine the cost of Red Herring's day of dance, add up the following for each participant:

  • $5 for the event. This covers the cost of permits, supplies for the Saturday evening potluck, etc.
  • $15 for the buffet lunch at Beer Works. (Children ages 4-15 pay their age.)
  • $7 for beer at Beer Works. (Sodas are included in the lunch price.)

This works out to $27 for adults having lunch and beer at Salem Beer Works.

Lunch will include one or two vegetarian options. However, people with more restrictive dietary needs may wish to opt out of the buffet and either order separately from the full menu or bring their own lunches. (To make things simple, if you need to do this, take the $10 off option and pay for your own lunch at Beer Works.)

We would like each team to designate one person to collect money for the team, and give it to us via one of the following methods:

  • Mail us a check in advance, made out to "Red Herring Morris". Send it to:

    Phill Nimeskern
    48 Duff St.
    Watertown, MA 02472-3016

  • Give us a check (made out to "Red Herring Morris") to Phill during the event.

  • Use your MasterCard or Visa to pay us online through PayPal. (See the next section for details.)

Online Payments

Calculate the total fee first. Then, enter your team name and the total fee in the appropriate boxes and click the "Buy Now" icon to pay securely through PayPal.

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