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2002 Day of Dance

Saturday, May 11, 2002, Salem & Lynn, Mass.


Note that some of the locations have changed from previous years. Permits for all locations are pending, and are therefore subject to change.

11:00-12:15 Derby Wharf (across from the Custom House) dancing
12:30-2:00 Salem Beer Works lunch & pub stop
2:15-3:30 Essex St. Mall (by the big fountain), Salem dancing
4:00-5:00 Red Rock Park, Lynn (on Lynn Shore Drive) dancing
5:00-??? Jeff's house, Nahant potluck dinner & party


The teams planning to attend are:

Dancers participating in the event may wish to read the Day of Dance FAQ.


Directions to the first stand are available.


This year, we're having a lunch buffet instead of pre-ordering individual lunches at Salem Beer works. This will enable Beer Works to have our lunches ready when we get there, and will give everybody a little more flexibility. (There will be vegetarian and carnivore foods available, but anyone who has more unusual dietary needs may have to order off the menu instead.)

Dinner will be a potluck at Jeff's house, as in past years.

Everyone will need to bring their own picnic lunch on Sunday. Please ask your hosts if you need directions to a store to purchase lunch supplies. (Note also that alcohol is not permitted in the Arboretum, so if you bring any, be sure to disguise it well.)


Because our lunch costs are a bit higher this year, we can't afford to be as lax about collecting money as we have been in past years. This year, we're asking everyone to pre-pay. See the Day of Dance money page for details.


We'll be keeping an eye on the weather report for Salem and vicinity. If the weather looks good or even marginal, we'll proceed as scheduled. If the weather looks bad enough that dancing wouldn't be any fun (e.g., heavy rain), we'll cancel. Call Jeff Bigler at (781) 592-5802 if it looks questionable.

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