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2001 Day of Dance

Saturday, May 12, 2001, Salem & Nahant, Mass.


Note that this year the morning stand is on Essex St. by the fountain, and the afternoon stand is on the Common. This is reversed from previous years.

11:00-12:15 Essex St. Mall (by the big fountain), Salem dancing
12:30-2:00 Salem Beer Works lunch & pub stop
2:15-3:30 Salem Common (near the Witch Museum) dancing
4:00-5:00 Long Beach, Nahant (near the Dockside restaurant) dancing
5:00-??? Jeff's house, Nahant potluck dinner & party

Directions to the first stand are available.


The teams planning to attend are:

Dancers participating in the event may wish to read the Day of Dance FAQ.


We'll be keeping an eye on the weather report for Salem and vicinity. If the weather looks good or even marginal, we'll proceed as scheduled. If the weather looks bad enough that dancing wouldn't be any fun (e.g., heavy rain), we'll cancel. Call Jeff Bigler at (781) 592-5802 if it looks questionable.

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