First Decannual Middlesex Morris Anniversary Tour (FDMMAT)

Part I: Saturday, June 11, 1994

10:00 meet in Groton at the Sue & Dan residence.

10:45-11:30ish Dance in Groton Center...a cool gig in front of the Prescott School which is mostly grass with some danceable sidewalk.

12:00-1:20 Harvard Green--lunch and dancing as much as we feel like.

1:45-2:45ish Fabulous garden in Bolton part of the Rhapsody in Bloom Garden Tour sponsored by Indian Hill Arts. The garden tour includes 6 gardens around the area with a ``Tea'' starting at 1:00 at the place we're dancing.

3:15-4:00ish Acton Discovery and Science Museums--they have a hard top surface that they want us to dance on. They expect lots o' kids and parents if the weather's nice; they're publicizing the ``event'' in the local papers.

4:15 Ice cream and maybe dancing (if'n we can stand it) at Erickson Ice Cream Bar in Stowe.

Swmming later if we're into it...

6:30 or 7:00 Feast at Dan & Sue's in Groton--prepared by us! Does everyone know what they want to bring?