Jason Altschuler

Email: jasonalt [at] mit [dot] edu
Office: Stata D760


I am a fourth year PhD student at MIT. I am fortunate to be advised by Pablo Parrilo. My research is supported by an NSF GRFP grant.

Previously, I was an undergrad at Princeton (class of '16) under the wonderful supervision of Elad Hazan and Emmanuel Abbe. I spent 2 of my undergrad summers interning in tech (at Google/Google Research) and the other 2 summers interning on Wall Street (DE Shaw and Tower Research Capital).

In my free time, I like to play chess. I obtained an International Master norm in Spain in 2015.


Recent papers

High school

Theses and other unpublished stuff


While I was an undergrad at Princeton, I TA'ed for several courses:
  • COS 511: Theoretical machine learning (graduate) -- Spring 2016
  • MAT 340: Applied algebra -- Fall 2015
  • MAT 216: Accelerated honors real analysis -- Fall 2014
  • MAT 217: Honors linear algebra -- Spring 2014
  • MAT 215: Honors real analysis -- Fall 2013