Isabel Vogt
(Photo by Joe Rabinoff.)

I am a fourth year PhD student in Mathematics at MIT studying algebraic geometry and number theory, advised by Bjorn Poonen and Joe Harris. Before, I concentrated in Mathematics, and Chemistry and Physics at Harvard. I am also the program coordinator of MIT PRIMES Circle and a mentor for Girls' Angle.

Here is my CV.

Office: 2-239a.
Email address: ivogt (guess)




Computer Programs


Conferences I've Organized


Expository Writing

Polished expository papers and presentations I have prepared which may be of interest:

  • The Local Langlands Correspondence for GL_n over a p-adic Field PDF
  • Vector Fields on Spheres PDF
  • Lefschetz Fixed Point Theorem PDF
  • A Brief History of Homotopy Theory (slides from talk for the Harvard History of Math Seminar) PDF

Notes or presentations I have written for my students or myself (some of which are in a very rough form) that may be helpful:

  • An Introduction to the Euler Characteristic PDF
  • An Introduction to Finite Group Representations with Applications to Chemical Bonding PDF
  • DNA Computation (a skeletal presentation covering the work of Adleman and Winfree) PDF .pptx

I have written the Wikipedia article on the Woodward-Hoffmann Rules in physical organic chemistry and molecular orbital theory. I'd gladly welcome any comments on improving the article.



Recitation Websites

Notes and Problems

Here is a presentation I gave on MIT PRIMES Circle at the MIT SEPT program in June, 2015: PDF.

Collected Problems (most written as review problems for my Math 23 students -- Material may be freely taken from here without credit):

  • Linear Algebra Problems:
  • Functions, Differential Calculus, Point-Set Topology Problems:

I have prepared materials for a (very brief) Introduction to LaTeX for math students: PDF .tex