Morris Tunes

Morris Tunes can not be adequately described by the printed page - it would take double dots, rests, staccatto markings, accent marks, and even more. Each instrument: pipe and tabor, fiddle, melodeon, trombone, etc., has its own style which further modifies the music. The way to experience the tune is to listen to it being played for the Dance. However, for those who know the feel of the music in their hearts, here are some notes for contemporary Morris tunes.

In the Bledington style, The Black Jokers perform a stick dance, Three Musketeers, to this tune attributed to Rich Morse (founder of The Button Box).

Kingsessing Morris wrote a dance in the Bledington style to this tune played by the Mister Softee Ice Cream trucks.

To celebrate the wedding of Lynn Noel and Nat Case (, the duo of Goldsmith & Klapper choreographed Lynn & Nat in the Bledington style.

Another View of Morris Music

For more information about music for Morris Dancing, and a different way of disseminating sheet music, Steve Allen of Seabright Morris has produced a tour-de-force of Morris Music over the Network using abc notation; plus PostScript source for a collection of commonly used tunes.

English Country Dance Music

As a further experiment in Paperless Publishing, some Country Dance Tunes are also available.

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