Deep Learning

New York University - Spring 2018

Class is held in 2MTC 9009, Mon 6:00-8:30pm

Office hours: 2 MetroTech Center

Monday 12-2pm, 10.051: Lecturer, Iddo Drori

Thursday 4-6pm, 10.098a: Teaching Assistant, Vikram Sunil Bajaj

Tuesday 4-6pm, 10.098a: Teaching Assistant, Monil Daxeshkumar Shah

After Spring recess, project proposal, milestone, and report meetings are held instead of OH

Spring 2018 classes begin (Monday, January 22)

Lecture 1 (Monday, January 22): Introduction, backpropagation

Lecture 2 (Monday, January 29): Optimization, regularization

Lecture 3 (Monday, February 5): Information theory of neural networks, programming frameworks

Lecture 4 (Monday, February 12): Convolutional neural networks

President's Day (Monday, February 19): No classes scheduled, University Holiday

Lecture 5 (Monday, February 26): Sequence models

Lecture 6 (Monday, March 5): Reinforcement learning

Spring Recess (Monday-Sunday, March 12-18)

Lecture 7 (Monday, March 19): Deep reinforcement learning

Lecture 8 (Monday, March 26): Variational autoencoders, generative adversarial networks, adversarial examples

Lecture 9 (Monday, April 2): Differentiable programming, transfer and multitask learning, uncertainty and bias in deep neural networks

Lecture 10 (Monday, April 9): Variational Inference, BayesFlow in TensorFlow and Pyro in PyTorch

Lecture 11 (Monday, April 16): Wasserstein GANs, applications, high performance computing (HPC) tutorial
Mathematical framework of Bregman divergence with convex functions, GAN applications, training on NYU's HPC cluster.

Lecture 12 (Monday, April 23): Deep meta learning, fair and explainable deep learning

Lecture 13 (Monday, April 30): Project presentations
Vision and Graphics
6:00-6:15pm Progressive GANs I
6:15-6:30pm Progressive GANs II
6:30-6:45pm MLB ⚾ Game Synthesis
6:45-7:00pm Overlapping Object Segmentation
Break 🥤 🍕
7:15-7:30pm Point Cloud Upsampling
7:30-7:45pm 3D Object Synthesis using GANs I
7:45-8:00pm 3D Object Synthesis using GANs II
Kaggle Competitions
8:00-8:15pm Google Landmark Recognition Challenge I
8:15-8:30pm Google Landmark Recognition Challenge II

Lecture 14 (Monday, May 7): Project presentations
Game Playing
6:00-6:15pm AlphaZero Chess ♞ Implementation and Improvements
6:15-6:30pm AlphaZero Go Implementation and Improvements
6:30-6:45pm Starcraft II Reinforcement Learning Agent 🎮
6:45-7:00pm Robosumo 🤼
Break 🥤 🍕
7:15-7:30pm Grammar Correction I
7:30-7:45pm Grammar Correction II
7:45-8:00pm Neural Editor
8:00-8:15pm Machine Translation I
8:15-8:30pm Machine Translation II
8:30-8:45pm Machine Translation III

Last day of Spring 2018 classes (Monday, May 7)