This is a reverse chronological listing of my PhD geneology, with dates and PHD-granting institution. It is shamelessly copied from Brad Hansen's page of the same name.

Me (UCLA 2012). I now have academic offspring of my own: Liang Yu (MIT 2019), and I'm working on more!

Brad Hansen (CalTech 1996) -- other students include Eugene Chen, Elliot Koch, Steve Berukoff, and Shane Frewen.

Sterl Phinney (Cambridge 1983) -- other active students include Cole Miller , Steinn Sigurdsson and Alice Quillen

Lord Martin Rees (Cambridge 1967: Crafoord Prize 2005 ) -- other students include Roger Blandford , Mitch Begelman

Dennis Sciama (Cambridge 1953) -- other famous students include James Binney , George Ellis and Steven Hawking.

Paul Dirac (Cambridge 1928: Nobel Prize 1933 ) -- one student was Fred Hoyle .

Sir Ralph Fowler (Cambridge 1920?)

Archibald Hill (Cambridge 1910: Nobel Prize 1922 )

Sir Walter Morley Fletcher (Cambridge 1904)

John Newport Langley (Cambridge 1878)

Sir Michael Foster (London 1859)

Thomas Henry Huxley , aka `Darwin's Bulldog'. (London 1845)

Thomas Wharton Jones (Edinburgh 1827?)

William McKenzie (Vienna 1818?)

George Joseph Beer (Vienna 1786) -- there is an interesting bifurcation here that leads to Helmholtz, at which point the branch explodes in all directions, leading to such luminaries as Millikan, Rabi, Schwinger, Robert Goddard.

Joseph Barth (Vienna 1772)

Anton von Stork (Vienna 1770)

Gerard van Swieten (Leiden 1725)

Herman Boerhaave (Harderwijk 1693)

Burchard de Volder (Leiden 1664)

Franciscus Sylvius (Basel 1637)

Emmanuel Stupanus (Basel 1610)
(earlier degree advised by Adolph Vorstius (Leiden 1619). Henceforth I list only the advisor of the most senior degree. Otherwise it will get rapidly tedious.)

Petrus Ryff (Basel 1584)

Theodor Zwinger (Padova 1559)

Gabriele Falloppia (Ferrara 1547)

Matteo Colombo (Padova 1544)

Andreas Vesalius (Padova 1537)

Gemma Frisius (Louvain 1536)

Petrus Curtius (Louvain 1530)

Maarten van Dorp (Louvain 1515)

Leo Outers (Louvain 1485)

Thanks to Brad Hansen for compiling most of this list!