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2010-06-30 16:00 IJC: Figuring out how to select a position at a given location.

For an example of how this works:

import clickinput coords = clickinput.picktest() print “You finally picked a location, at: ”,coords

clickinput.fitparabola(*args, **kw)[source]

Fit a parabola to a data vector.

Either y, or x,y – sequences of data
zoom : float or 2-sequence
radii for zoom confirmation.
xrange : float
+/- range of x values for data to use in fit
ax : matplotlib “axes” instance
Where to plot: if None, create a new figure
plotfit : bool
Whether to plot fitted data
fit : 3-sequence
Best-fit parameters of parabola (suitable for numpy.polyfit())
clickinput.pickloc(ax=None, zoom=10, resetaxes=False, titstr='click to select location')[source]
ax : (axes instance)

axes in which to pick a location

zoom : int or 2-tuple

zoom radius for target confirmation in x,y or both

resetaxes : bool

whether to reset axes limits after selection

titstr : str

String to initially display at title of plot.

Press enter/return to exit out, returning -1

NOTES:Since I updated Matplotlib the “hit enter to exit” functionality doesn’t work. Need to fix that..

Set up a small, simple test and run PICKLOC on it.


Set up a small, simple test with which to test PICKLOC.

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