Hooman Katirai >> Management Course Work

In addition to courses in Computer Science, I've taken a number of management courses. The following is a list of management courses I've taken at MIT:

Management Courses Completed
or In-Process:

15.900 Corporate Strategy

15.401 Corporate Finance I

11.431 Real Estate Finance I

15.990 Real Estate Finance II: Capital Markets

ESD.71 Real Options

15.810 Marketing Management

ESD.140 Organizational Process

15.616 Innovative Products & Breakthrough Technologies -- the Legal Issues

15.011 Microeconomics

ESD.800 Leadership

IAP Courses Completed:

IAP 2003: New Enterprises

IAP 2003: Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans

IAP 2003: Performance Management (of Human Resources)

IAP 2004: How to Design a Process by Michael Hammer author of "Re-engineering the American Corporation"

Policy Courses Completed:

ESD.10 Introduction to Technology & Policy

ESD.801 Technology Policy Research Seminar

Planned for Future Semesters:

15.821 Listening to the Customer

15.822 Strategic Market Measurenent

15.402 Corporate Finance II

4.254 Real Estate Development

ESD.103 Political Economy